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At MSD, we work for life every day. Our company’s mission is to discover and develop important medicines and vaccines that help solve the world’s greatest health care challenges. To succeed, we are constantly looking for brilliant scientific, medical and commercial minds to help develop and bring our treatments to those who need them, fast.

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Working at MSD, you’ll discover how it feels to make a real impact. That what you do matters. Every day. Here, we stay on our toes to change the world step by step, life by life, breakthrough by breakthrough. And yes, we do offer exciting career opportunities and development. And yes, it does sometimes require international travel and cooperation. But our commitment to employee well-being means you’ll still have time for family life.


I’m interested in working in countries all over the world:


Whether you will live and work abroad during your career with MSD is pretty much up to you. However, MSD is a global company, and we believe in cross-functional, cross-border teamwork. If you deliver on your goals, if you show determination, talent, passion and ambition, chances are you’ll be going places.


True or false: I’m comfortable working in environments with colleagues from different backgrounds that work on different parts of the company's mission?


We pride ourselves on a truly 21st-century workforce that is gender-balanced and inclusive of top, diverse talent. New challenges require new skills and you’ll be surprised to see how many backgrounds and skills we employ to help save and improve lives all over the world.


I believe that in a pharmaceutical company, innovation is strictly the domain of doctors and scientists.


Innovation is a team sport, and at MSD, we play to win. Innovation is the life’s blood of this company. And we rely on you to contribute your ideas to our mission. From finding new ways to work with and service patient organisations and health care authorities to developing digital solutions that increase the efficacy of our treatments by empowering patients, we welcome and nurture bright ideas – whoever gets them first.


It is very important to me that I work for a company that is a Top 10 R&D investor across industries.


From fundamental research over digital peripherals to the more than 700 clinical trials we are involved in worldwide, our R&D investments put us right up there with household names like…the California-based designers of a very popular line of smartphones... ;-)

And if it’s a number you want, our R&D expenses in 2017 totalled 7,3 billion dollars. That’s almost one fifth of our revenue. If you invest your career with us, we promise to invest in you with the same ambition and dedication you put in.



Working for MSD, you can take pride in working for a company that is committed to bringing our innovative medicines and health care solutions to as many as possible. One example is our MSD for Mothers program, focused on fighting maternal mortality around the world. You’ll also be empowered to make your own direct contributions. Our employees worldwide are allowed up to 40 hours of paid time off annually for volunteer activities. And our shareholders have been content with the way we balance value creation with the bigger purpose for more than a century.

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